Quality Policy

We are communicating and implements the quality philosophy and values with the help of progressive sharing and learning.

We would like to give you a brief idea regarding our manufacturing unit. We make all the components as per our customer's specification within the given tolerances i.e. 0.02. The process is such that all the components are inspected at all stages of its manufacturing. Hence the components manufactured are a quality product. The raw material used is of best quality, all the machineries meant for manufacturing is of reputed companies, all inspection instruments used are the best available in market. These all factors sums up to a quality product in itself.

We at Excelsior Metals are committed to manufacture and supply quality Copper Alloys Extrusions & Components, continuously focusing on the evolving needs of the market. We communicate and implement the quality philosophy and values with the help of progressive sharing and learning.

Copper's generally known properties - thermal conductivity, malleability, and resistance to corrosion achieve more than any other metal in combining performance characteristics to meet today's increasingly complex industrial requirements.

Health & Safety

At Excelsior metals , we believe our team is our biggest asset and to ensure their health and safety, we have a stringent policy. We have developed practices to create a hazard free and accident free working environment. Systems like fume arrestor and ETP plant for zero discharge of water make the processes friendly to the humans.

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Core Values

  • Business Ethics
  • Customer Focus
  • Professional Pride
  • Mutual Respect
  • Pace and Innovation
  • Excellence in Manufacturing
  • Total Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
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We reap what we sow. At Excelsior metals, we believe firmly in giving clean environment the first priority. All our plans, policies and processes are first scrutinized for their impact on the environment and then put into practice. We strive to conserve and even enhance natural resources. To take this commitment further, we have set up 5 wind mills, generating 2 MW energy and reducing the burden on scarce energy resources.

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